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Advise & Close: Succession & Transitioning Planning.

The final details matter. This will form the basis of life after close. This is perhaps the single most point that we add the greatest value.

In the final details the feelings become real.

At this point, we provide Due Diligence Support. There is a lot of activity between agents of the buyer and seller. Information is flying back and forth, and legal counsels from both sides are working through the legal documents. Everything that we have done has led to this point. Although the Letter of Intent outlines the gross details of the purchase agreement, there are many items that still need our expertise and attention to close the deal.

We take care of all the necessary legal documents.

Ancillary negotiations are continued through this period on applicable legal documents, including Share Purchase Agreement (SPA), Asset  Purchase Agreement (APA), Employment Agreement (EA), Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA). We’ll bring to the table the right experts and partners that need to be involved.

Details matter. Not only do they need to match the outline in the Letter of Intent, but they also need to be in-line with your expectations in the post-transition world.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition with the little things.

Details matter. There are specific aspects that are important to Practice Owners in all transactions that must be accounted for. These can include:
We continue to work with both you and your counsel in order to convey your needs while simultaneously working with both the sellers and their agents to finalize the deal.

Closing The Deal.

Once all the fine points have been agreed upon, a number of things need to happen to create long term value for you.

1. The buyer’s operations team will prepare for the transition

2. The accountants will reconcile all financials 

3. The legal documents will be finalized

The last element is reviewing the deal and signing the necessary documents. This final step seals the transaction, and funds for the purchase are ultimately exchanged. A small amount of money, called the holdback, is held back to deal with any potential items that may unexpectantly arise. This amount is refunded to you after the holdback period is completed, usually 3 to 9 months.

Congratulations, the deal is complete! Don’t worry, we’re still here! Post-Transition Support is still needed to help you see through to the agreed-upon arrangements.

One piece of the Veterinary Practice puzzle.

Experience Matters.

Our team has over 56 years of combined experience in the financial and veterinary fields. We have worked on over 79 deals that have changed the lives of Veterinary Practice Owners and Associates alike. We encourage you to read our success stories as our clients explain the process best!
1. Investigate & Evaluate
3. Market & Negotiate
5. Advice & Close
2. Plan & Prepare
4. Due Diligence Support
6. Post – Transition Support
1. Investigate & Evaluate
2. Plan & Prepare
3. Market & Negotiate
4. Due Diligence Support
5. Advise & Close
6. Post – Transition Support

The MVG Difference.

Industry Knowledge.

Our team has been involved in all types of transactions ranging from partial sales, joint venture deals, growth investments, and most typically outright sales. Our members have founded veterinary practice management companies, headed large corporate consolidators and have overseen massive private equity investments. The result is our practical and industry knowledge to give you the edge to achieve your desired outcome.

Leadership Team.

Our deal advisory firm is comprised of professionals and specialists from the corporate worlds of private equity, investment banking and veterinary operations. This well-rounded core group has complementing skill sets for each phase of your transaction, from initial planning to post-transition support.

Strategic Partners.

We have cultivated a list of professionals that understand the veterinary industry, consolidation models,  transition tax planning and legal frameworks, which include specialized Law Firms, Accounting Firms and Veterinary Management Advocates.

We continue to seek further partnerships to better serve our clientele.


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