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Success Stories.

MVG’s team of financial and veterinary operations experts have 56 years of combined experience in the industry. With over $2 Billion in deals closed, their knowledge is unmatched when it comes to veterinary practice sales in North America.

Orillia Pet Hospital.

Dr. Katrin Schmidt BSc, DVM, CVPM, MBA & Dr. Mark Bolton DVM.

Dr. Katrin Schmidt Testimonial.

From the beginning until closing and beyond, the team at MVG was there for us EVERY step of the  way. Responsive and available ANYTIME, they are just a quick text, phone call or email away. Prompt and professional their global team is literally working for you 24/7. Having been on both sides of the table their perspective on a potential offer and sale is unparalleled. The entire premise of MVG turns the transition process arounds to put you in the driver’s

MVG has an understanding of the industry that enables them to stage and market your practice in the best possible light. This perspective allows for coaching and mentoring from the initial (no obligation) exploratory process to post closing details. The team was instrumental in highlighting the best features or our practice and guiding us throught the entire negotiations and sales process. Any and all opportunities were negotiated and capitalized on our behalf to ensure that we maximized our return. Their personalized attention and customization to your needs made it possible to dramatically impact your return on investment, while increasing your comfort and decreasing the associated stresses.

Beside that they are simply nice folks, EXCELLENT and FUN to work with. When the number on your cheque is bigger than the number in your head you know that you have chosen well.You get what you pay for and then some. Replace fear and stress with confidence and professional guidance. You are not left wondering on what you might have missed. Swift, painfree and protective our your interest. Thats why you join the pack.

Dr. Mark Bolton Testimonial.

A sincere thank you to My Vet Group for assisting us with our recent clinic sale. It was a true asset having MVG help us navigate, negotiate and finalize the sale which ended up being well beyond our initial expectations. MVG collaborated between us, the buyer, legal and accounting teams and made a foreign, complex process understandable and low stress. This allowed us to continue concentrating on and working at our other businesses while the sale was being completed in a seamless manner. It was very comforting knowing we had MVG in our corner.

Grimsby Animal Hospital.

Dr. Suzi Peters & Dr. Dalia Gough.

Dr. Suzi Peters Testimonial.


We cannot thank you enough for the assistance you gave to us in the sale of our practice to VS! There is no way we could have navigated this without your guidance and help! You exceeded our expectations and we are grateful for your advice! 

We have been very ‘ anti-corporate’ for many years, with the feeling that several corporations were swarming us like vultures, waiting to nose-dive as soon as we let our guard down. We dodged calls weekly from the various corporations trying to get their foot in the door and convince us to sell. As practice owners, we had hoped to keep our clinic as independent as possible, and provide our associates with the golden opportunity that we had as young professionals, to buy in.However, as we saw more and more colleagues partnering with corporate, we realized that it was going to be an uphill battle to be able to survive as an independent practice in this corporate-owned world. It also was not going to be realistic for our associates to afford to buy in at this point, with the growth we had experienced. In addition, the benefits of the management help these veterinarians were receiving was appealing to us, and intrigued us to open our minds to a potential corporate partnership after all.

Once we finally made the big decision to consider a corporate partnership, we did not know where to turn for help, and so we talked to our practice evaluator, who proceeded to put a proposal together to present to the three corps in the area. Luckily before we got too far, it was recommended that we consider speaking to My Vet Group (MVG) for additional assistance in this process.

MVG was a rather new group at this point, and so we were unsure of how they could help us. However it quickly became apparent that they had significant experience with knowing what the corporations were looking for in veterinary practices, including calculating more realistic EBITDA’s that more closely reflected the EBITDA calculations that these large companies were expecting. Their ability to gather practices into ‘baskets’ to present to the corps as a ‘ group sale’, provided more potential for leverage in the negotiation process. This was something we would not have had if we had stayed on our own.

MVG presented our ‘basket of clinics’ to a much wider group of corporate partners than we originally would have been exposed to with just our practice evaluator, which, in turn, led us to a significantly higher offer than we would have ever received otherwise! At the beginning, MVG scheduled regular meetings to help us to understand what the various corporations were looking for, and also what they each had to offer us. They supported us by joining us in the meetings when we met with the various corporations, and helped guide us in how to best present our practice. They assisted in our decision as to which corporation would be our best fit, and they continued to work closely with us throughout the ‘due diligence’ process and beyond closing, addressing questions, negotiating the various contracts, and just providing the support we needed with such an overwhelming life change! While there are many people behind the scenes at MVG, our main contacts were Raj and Mark, and they really helped make this transition smooth.

Raj is a financial professional, and was stellar in his negotiations with the corporations, including taking note of even the smallest details of concern in our Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) and our Employment Agreements (EA), to ensure that our needs were met, and decisions that were made were in our best interest We never had to deal with the corps directly. If we had a concern, we told Raj, and he went to bat for us! He was comforting to speak to and successful in the majority of the negotiations we had.

Mark’s knowledge as a veterinarian, who had already partnered with corporate himself, was of extreme benefit to us. His experience ‘in the trenches’ helped us to understand what to expect with this new partnership, personally and in our practices. He eased our minds with the upcoming changes we would have, and his personal experience was a huge asset when negotiating our terms of employment and non competition contractsThe assistance and support we received from MVG was beyond our expectations and we are so thankful that we had them to assist us through this… the biggest deal of our lives!!

Thank you MVG for all your guidance and support!!!

Dr. Dalia Gough Testimonial.

My Vet Group (MVG) did a fantastic job negotiating the sale of our veterinary practice. Initially my business partner and I were very anti-corporate and had instructed our receptionists to automatically turn away all calls regarding the sale of our practice. However, after speaking to colleagues who had sold and viewing a webinar put on by the OVMA we started to consider this option. We really had no idea what to do next and fortuitously my business partner saw a flyer from MVG on her desk as a discarded piece of mail. We contacted MVG. They were informative, efficient and very professional. They negotiated a deal well beyond what we ever imagined would be possible. They took care of all the details, especially the contracts that will still affect us daily such as our employment contracts and the lease for our building.

Thank you so much MVG. You went above and beyond and we couldn’t have done this without you!

Dr. Edison Barrientos DVM MBA.


Deciding to sell my clinics was a difficult decision. It was also a process full of complexity and nuance. MyVetgroup helped me navigate the process bringing together a highly experienced group of advisors who have done this many times before . The result, a sale which far exceeded my expectations . I would strongly encourage any colleagues that are thinking of selling their practice to talk to Myvetgroup first.

Cabbagetown Pet Clinic.

Dr. Jennifer Day.

Past-President OVMA, Past-President CVO.


My Vet Group gave me the confidence to explore a corporate purchase of my veterinary hospital as a succession option. I worked hard to build my business and wanted any sale negotiations to be in my best interest.

The process could be overwhelming at times and I realized early on in the discussions that I needed expertise and guidance. I wanted to present my practice to potential purchasers with not only the strongest financial position, but also ensuring that the business successes and opportunities were highlighted. My Vet Group supported me by providing not only peer advice relating specifically to veterinary corporate transactions, but even more importantly, firsthand experience with real world investment banking deals.

By leveraging this experience, I am confident that I was able to obtain a purchase price well above average with a fair employment agreement and a clear transition path. My Vet Group not only helped to find the right buyer and to negotiate the purchase price, but also supported me through the due diligence phase right through to the final transaction ensuring a successful change of ownership for both parties.

Caledonia Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Vinny Hetram & Dr. Isabel Hetram.


A surprising number of unforeseen roadblocks were encountered during the sale of my practice. MyVetGroup was instrumental in negotiating the purchase price as well as helping both sides overcome the hurdles along the way to a successful closing. I was treated courteously and professionally by MVG throughout the process. You only have one chance at this, I would recommend that you seriously consider using the skills and knowledge of MVG for your practice transition.

Yaletown Pet Hospital.

Dr. Karley Little. B.Sc. D.V.M.



If you are considering a transition for your hospital, you need to connect with MyVETGroup! My business partners and I were looking to explore what a corporate partnership could look like for our hospital and they provided the support and expertise needed for a smooth transition. From our very first call, it was clear that Mark cares deeply for our profession and us as veterinarians and Raj has a wealth of financial and industry knowledge. The balance of their skillsets made all of our discussions comfortable and uncomplicated. We felt like they genuinely cared about our wellbeing and took the time to get to know us and our hospital. We enjoyed getting to know their team, including Fraser and Samir, and felt like they understood who we were, why our hospital was unique and helped us find the right partner for our practice. I would consider our relationship so much more than simply transactional and truly believe that we have developed friendships, while completing the biggest deal of our lives. They helped us feel comfortable and confident that we had chosen the best opportunity for our hospital and assisted with the entire process; from exploring what a partnership could look like, to comparing offers, negotiating on our behalf, helping us understand the fine print, and post closing details and contracts. They jumped on late night phone calls, liaised with our accountants and lawyers and made us feel valued and supported at every step of the way. Thank you MVG for your support and guidance, we truly appreciate the fantastic job you did negotiating the sale of our practice and helping us make this transition as smooth as possible. We are so glad that we joined the pack!

Paradise Animal Hospital.

Dr Babette Meister.



I am thrilled to share my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding services provided by myVETgroup in the successful sale of my clinic. From the very beginning of the process to its culmination, their expertise and dedication have been truly remarkable.

Navigating the intricate world of clinic sales can be a daunting task, but myVETgroup     brought a level of professionalism and knowledge that put me at ease. Their deep understanding of the veterinary industry and the nuances involved in selling a medical practice was evident at every step. They patiently guided me through the complexities of valuation, negotiations, and legal formalities, ensuring that I was well-informed and empowered to make the right decisions.

What sets MVG apart is not just their industry expertise, but also their unwavering commitment to their clients. They took the time to truly understand my goals and aspirations, tailoring their approach to align with my vision for the sale. Their attention to detail, proactive communication, and strategic planning reassured me that I was in capable hands.

Throughout the process, MVG demonstrated exceptional negotiation skills that resulted in a sale price that exceeded my expectations. Their ability to strike the delicate balance between buyer and seller interests was truly commendable, and I am convinced that their involvement played a pivotal role in securing the best possible outcome

In the end, the sale of my clinic was not just a transaction, but a transformative experience, and I owe a great deal of that to MVG. If you are seeking a broker who combines expertise, dedication, and a genuine passion for helping their clients succeed, I wholeheartedly recommend myVETgroup. They have not only earned my respect but also my gratitude for turning what could have been a stressful process into a smooth and rewarding journey.

Thank you, MVG, for your exceptional service and for making a significant difference in my life. 

Limestone City Animal Hospital.

Dr. Jason E. Shepherd.

Former Owner.


Mark stick handled our transition with insightful poise. He effectively chaired the negotiations and saw that our priorities were met. We were able to realize our full potential without conditional risks.

Animal Hospital of Cambridge PC.

Dr. Kathy Hrinivich.

Former C.E.O.


I have known Mark de Wolde for over 25 years. Mark is one of those truly gifted entrepreneurs who are that magic blend of visionary and courage. I recently sold two of my practices and it was Mark who negotiated a landmark deal for us. He is superb communicator and capable of leading any team or situation.