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Market & Negotiate.

Marketing and negotiating your Veterinary Practice is a specialty we are well positioned to handle. We provide two forums for presenting and marketing your practice: individual or group.

Whichever route you take, we are moving one day closer to your closing date.

Group or Individual Sale, the choice is yours.

Whether your desire is to partner for growth and expansion, or focus on your medicine, or to take a full step back from the business all of these factors will play a hand in the valuation of the business. We help you understand what each of these could mean for you based on your needs.  

Marketing and negotiating your practice is all about positioning. Highlighting your strengths, growth opportunities, market dominance, customer profile, and synergies for the buyer it ultimately what drives the greatest value for you. 

There are generally two routes to marketing your business; individually or within a group. Whichever you prefer, is up to you.

The Group Veterinary Practice Sale Option.

In a group presentation, ‘like’ practices are packaged to increase the total EBITDA presented to a potential buyer. For most consolidators, this can be a very effective way to consider a large number of clinics in a cohesive and synergized fashion, and for others new to the space, it can create an instant foot-hold in a strategic marketplace. Platforms of veterinary consolidators sell for higher valuations than individual practices, so by creating a cohesive group of clinics, we are essentially doing the same. As a result, additional value is attributed to the group given the level of attractiveness and the increased amount of EBITDA available for sale. It’s important to note that, although your practice may be part of a group sale, you will still receive an individual Letter of Intent (LOI). You will also receive personalized Purchase Agreements, Employment Agreements, and related documents, all of which we help to negotiate based upon your specific needs.

The Individual Veterinary Practice Sale Option.

Some practice owners prefer to be marketed individually, or they might not have the time and patience for a group process; we are happy to accommodate this request. This can be a perfect choice for those practices that are on a unique journey for growth, partnership or outright sale.

What Happens Next?

Corporate & Individual Veterinary Practice Buyers from around the world

Regardless of the route you decide to take, we develop our marketing approach to pique the interest of a multitude of buyers. It is important that enough buyers see you; but more importantly is for you to see and get to know each of them. Each buyer has their unique culture and approach to how they see the world. It is important you take your time to get to know each of them to ensure the legacy you have built is preserved. There is no timeline requirement on this process. We move at your pace.

Receive A Letter of Intent

After numerous rounds of negotiations, our goal is to present a Letter of Intent (LOI) that has met your desires and expectations. After reviewing the LOI with your tax and legal advisors, if you are happy with the terms of the presented LOI, you sign and start the due diligence process.

One piece of the Veterinary Practice puzzle.

We are the team to help Market & Negotiate your Veterinary Practice.

Our team has over 56 years of combined experience in the financial and veterinary fields. We have worked on over 79 deals that have changed the lives of Veterinary Practice Owners and Associates alike. We encourage you to read our success stories as our clients explain the process best!
1. Investigate & Evaluate
3. Market & Negotiate
5. Advise & Close
2. Plan & Prepare
4. Due Diligence Support
6. Post – Transition Support
1. Investigate & Evaluate.
2. Plan & Prepare.
3. Market & Negotiate
4. Due Diligence Support
5. Advise & Close
6. Post – Transistion Support

The MVG Difference.

Industry Knowledge.

Our team has been involved in all types of transactions ranging from partial sales, joint venture deals, growth investments, and most typically outright sales. Our members have founded veterinary practice management companies, headed large corporate consolidators and have overseen massive private equity investments. The result is our practical and industry knowledge to give you the edge to achieve your desired outcome.

Leadership Team.

Our deal advisory firm is comprised of professionals and specialists from the corporate worlds of private equity, investment banking and veterinary operations. This well-rounded core group has complementing skill sets for each phase of your transaction, from initial planning to post-transition support.

Strategic Partners.

We have cultivated a list of professionals that understand the veterinary industry, consolidation models, transition tax planning and legal frameworks, which include specialized Law Firms, Accounting Firms and Veterinary Management Advocates.

We continue to seek further partnerships to better serve our clientele.


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