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Transition (all or some of) your Veterinary Practice.

At MVG, we support and guide Veterinary Practice Owners looking to transition their practice ownership to economic freedom. As former clinics owners and buyers, we can help you find out if it’s the right time to transition and learn how to evaluate which buyer is right for you. Together, let’s create long-lasting value.

Veterinary Practice solutions for current owners.

1. Understand your desires and needs out of this process. 
2. Appraise the value of your practice in today’s market
3. Prepare, negotiate, and advise on the sale of the practice for maximum value
4. Guide the due diligence, legal and post transition period process with related experts

How we work with you?

Helping you, the Veterinary Practice Owner, understand where your current value lies, avenues to continue to accelerate the practice, and finding the right partner for what you want is ultimately how we fit in. Having reached this milestone in your entrepreneurial journey, we create a transition plan that is key to your economic freedom and goals. It’s time to discover what many of your colleagues are already talking about!
The MVG Difference.
Industry Specialization
Extensive Relationship Network
Process and Approach
Exceptional Results
Value Driven
Our Process & Approach.
1. Investigate & Evaluate
3. Market & Negotiate
5. Advise & Close
2. Plan & Prepare
4. Due Diligence Support
6. Post – Transition Support
1. Investigate & Evaluate
2. Plan & Prepare
3. Market & Negotiate
4. Due Diligence Support
5. Advise & Close
6. Post – Transition Support

Investigate & Evaluate.

We understand that value is in more than just the numbers. At MVG we build a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative profile of your practice that takes a holistic approach to your practice valuation.

Plan & Prepare.

Having identified potential opportunities, we coach and mentor practice owners to improve their attractiveness. Through our partners, we offer tax planning and legal services to best situate you for a sale.

Market & Negotiate.

With deep connections to major corporate buyers throughout North America, we market your practice and negotiate your desired terms under a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Due Diligence Support.

The arduous process of due diligence can be quite daunting. Our transition team are with you every step of the way working hand-in-hand with accounting, tax and legal advisors to stay on track with all the closing requirements and timelines.

Advise & Close.

The negotiations don’t stop with the LOI. We also negotiate aspects of Share Purchase Agreements, Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Non-Compete Congrator Agreements, and Non-solicit Agreement.

Post - Transition Support.

In the post transition period we review working capital implications and provide support during post-deal requirements.


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