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Dr. Mark De Wolde
1:1 Sessions - $1000/mo

Vetpreneur Mentorship

Managing a veterinary practice is the most rewarding and challenging work in the world. You love what you do, but you’ve got staff, clients and patients who depend on you, and having a mentor whose been there can help. Our Veterinary Practice Mentorship program provides the support and guidance you need to achieve success. Led by experienced veterinary clinic owner Dr. Mark de Wolde, this 12-week program offers practical insights and expert advice on improving clinic management, tackling day-to-day challenges and building a thriving veterinary practice.

The program includes structured and recurring Zoom mentorship calls, where you engage in a 1:1 session with Dr. Mark. During this time, you’ll receive personalized guidance on specific challenges facing your clinic and develop strategies to overcome them.

Dr. Mark has over 30 year’s experience in the veterinary industry. He has owned and operated multiple hospitals and served as the president of the Upper Canada Veterinary Group and Kingston Regional Pet Hospital. He brings a wealth of experience about clinic management, multi clinic growth, and emerging technologies. As a member of the Veterinary Management Group and recipient of the OVMA Award of Merit, Dr. Mark now helps colleagues achieve their goals in practice management.

Lighten your cognitive load

The 1:1 Mentorship program offers a confidential environment where veterinarian practice owners can speak openly about what’s on their mind and receive invaluable insight and advice from a seasoned veterinarian and clinic owner.

MyVETGroup Mastermind Program

12-Week Program

Two, 60-minute meetings per month, for three months (six sessions total)

MyVETGroup Mastermind Program

Private & Personalized

You and your unique circumstances are the focus on these calls.

MyVETGroup Mastermind Program

Actionable Plans

Identify key areas of improvement and opportunity, and learn what to do next.

How it Works

01. Schedule your interview

Schedule a 30-minute needs assessment call with the myVETgroup team.

02. Meet with an Advisor

A member of our team will share more about the mentorship program during this 30-minute call and answer any questions.

03. Schedule your first session

If mentorship sounds like it’s for you, the final step is scheduling your first 1:1 call with Dr. Mark.


Happy Customers


Schedule your interview

Ask us anything

This 12-week program imparts wisdom from a seasoned and successful colleague’s learnings, best practices and perspective. But you might want to know a little more about the process before diving in.

You must be a board certified practicing veterinarian. Ideally you are a clinic owner or are thinking or purchasing clinic and/or buying into a partnership.

The primary focus will be on clinic management, human resources, growth and optimization, wellbeing and other topics that center around your professional veterinary life. 

Yes, you can email Dr. Mark anytime during the 12-week mentorship period. He will respond within 48 hours. 

With limited spots in each program, please email us and we’ll get you schduled into the next session. 

Every call will follow a similar agenda: Discuss what happened last month, what is on your mind this month, and actionable steps you can implement.

Are you ready to get the private, personalized support you need to succeed?


More ways to succeed.

Monthly Mastermind Series

Join our Mastermind Series

Join Dr. Mark, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder at myVETgroup. Monthly sessions will focus on relevant topics for veterinary practice owners, from medicine and management to company culture and work/life balance.

  • Small, Private Group Setting
  • Guest experts
  • Build Community & Collaborate with Peers 
Quarterly Workshop

Workshop your Valuation

Join Raj Raheja, CEO & Co-Founder at myVETgroup to better understand how to evaluate the financial health of your veterinary clinic. Raj will help you uncover opportunities to optimize your clinic’s operating performance and sale valuation for today’s market. 

  • Calculate your clinic’s EBITDA
  • Macro and micro market trends
  • Plan and improve your valuation